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1993 Lincoln Mark VIII V8-281 4.6L DOHC Copyright c 1997, ALLDATA Corp.
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Engine Mount: Service and Repair
NOTE: All self locking or Loctite(r) coated type fasteners must be replaced with new self locking fasteners. All residual locking compound must be removed from tapped holes before new bolts are installed.
  1. Disconnect battery ground cable.
  2. Remove engine appearance cover, then air cleaner outlet tube.
  3. Install suitable lifting eyes to engine, then install suitable engine support frame and lift engine sufficiently to relieve tension on mounts. CAUTION: Do not lift engine too high as lines and wiring may be damaged.
  4. Raise and support vehicle, then remove front wheel assemblies.
  5. Remove motor mount though bolts
  6. Prepare subframe for lowering by disconnecting all engine wiring and equipment clipped or attached.
  7. Mark steering shaft coupling for later alignment, then disconnect at pinch bolt.
  8. Support front suspension lower control arms with suitable jacks.
  9. Disconnect lower control arms from shock strut, then lower jacks to allow control arms to hang freely.
  10. Place suitable jacks under subframe, positioned to allow subframe to be lowered and motor mounts to be accessed.
  11. Remove subframe mounting bolts, then lower subframe.
  12. Remove retaining bolts of mount(s) to be replaced, then mount.
  1. Place new motor mount(s) into position and loosely install engine to motor mount retaining bolts.
  2. Position sub frame to body with jacks, loosely install bolts, then align subframe as follows:
    1. With subframe in loose contact with body, place two alignment pins made from a suitable 3/4 inch OD diameter tubing or pipe through holes in subframe and into holes in body.
    2. Tighten one bolt in each corner of subframe, remove alignment pins.
    3. Tighten subframe mounting bolts, then tighten motor mount bolts.
  3. Using suitable jacks, position lower control arms into shock struts, then install lower shock strut bolts.
  4. Align and install steering coupling.
  5. Attach all wiring lines and hoses to subframe using suitable clips and fasteners.
  6. Install motor mount to subframe through bolts.
  7. Install wheel assemblies, then lower vehicle.
  8. Remove engine support frame and lifting eyes.
  9. Install air cleaner outlet tube, engine appearance cover and battery ground cable.

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