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Update: I no longer repair these grills the availablity of good material is terrible.

I am now working on a billet aluminum replacement grill that will go for about $250.
It will look similar to the stock grill but will be solid aluminum and will not be
suseptable to cracks or fading like the OEM's.

PLEASE E-MAIL me if you want to be added to the list for one of these.

Planned changes to current prototype:
-Close the bottom of the grill by continuing curve around bottom.
-Light decrease in number of vertical bars
-Fix angle of center vertical bend to allow placement of Lincoln emblem.
-Attachment points on the side and top, not the bottom.

UpdateAs of Sept. 2005 I have a completed second prototype
and a new problem. My supplier has broken ties with the production
facility. I am working to create a direct relationship with the
production facility.

First prototype before changes:

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